This is the project site for AACODE WP-Wiki, where you can follow the latest development of the plugin.

WP-Wiki is a free WordPress plugin, that implements a Wiki custom post type and internal wikilinks, like known from Mediawiki. When writing a post, just write the tags around a keyword. Then the plugin will automatically check if a page with that slug exists, and then convert it to an internal link. If the slug does not exist, it will not be converted to a link.

If the user is logged in, the plugin will also convert the non-existing slug. But in this case, it will color them red and the link will go directly to creation of the post.

Other features:

  • Automatically add last modified date to posts that have been modified after publication date.
  • Convert ÆØÅ to ae, oe and aa.

How does it work?

First you write a text, where you add the [w] [/w] around the keywords that should be detected as internal link:

When you publish the post, the plugin will only show links where an article with that slug exist:

For users that are logged it, the other keywords will also be converted to a red link, that leads to a page where the wiki-word can be created:


1.0.0 (Under development)

  • Implemented tag, that converts the inside to internal links, if slugs exists. Admins will have link to creation page.
  • ÆØÅ will automatically be converted to ae, oe and aa.
  • If last modified date is different from publication date, it will be written to the post.
  • Added a wiki custom post type that will be used by default.
  • Added a settings page.

If you have any suggestions for new features or questions, you are welcome to write to me.

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