Upcoming WordPress Plugin – WP-Wiki

I have today started development of a new WordPress plugin. Actually my first WordPress plugin 🙂 My name is Andreas Andersen, and I have been working with WordPress for more than 5 years and have also experience with developing websites using HTML, CSS and PHP. Therefore I decided to try to create my own WordPress plugin, and the first project is WP-Wiki. It will take some time before the plugin is finished, and I plan to release it for free in WordPress Plugin Directory.

Why WP-Wiki?

I have previously had a big website based on Mediawiki, where I had a Wikipedia like site, with over 5000 articles. Mediawiki is great software for making Wiki’s, but lack some great features that WordPress have, like automatically updating, control with duplicate content, more plugins and themes and less mistakes.

I therefore tried to migrate over to WordPress, but didn’t seem to find a plugin that was good enough for my needs for a Wiki site. Thats why WP-Wiki is now born. With this plugin I will code the features that is needed in WordPress to make it a great Wiki site.

What is the status right now?

A simple WP-Wiki plugin has already been developed, and I am currently testing it. This plugin adds a new custom post type to WordPress (called Wiki), where the Wiki articles can be written. It also adds internal links like in Mediawiki, so that keywords are automatically converted to links, if a post with the keyword as slug exists.

I hope to be able to release the first version in WordPress plugin directory this year, and on this site you can follow the work with the plugin.

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